Soils Investment Hub

WBCSD and Soil Health

The Soils Investment Hub (SIH) aims to be a resource for knowledge and expertise and connect business to existing platforms, initiatives, and coalitions that can mobilize finance, engage with farmers and drive value chain collaboration.

The SIH connects across WBCSD projects (see below) and partners to accelerate and scale investments in soil health. It does this in three ways:

  • Mobilizing business calling business to make commitments to investing in soil health
  • Tool development developing tools that support corporate investments in soil health
  • Multistakeholder dialogues facilitating peer-to-peer learning through the friends of soil health

Scaling Positive Agriculture

Our ambitious Scaling Positive Agriculture project aims to transform global food systems by maximizing the potential of agriculture as a solution for climate, nature and farmers. The project focuses on three priority pathways where business can provide real solutions: 1) climate positive – shifting agriculture from a net source to a net sink of GHG emissions; 2) nature positive – shifting agriculture from being the main driver of nature loss to a regenerator of nature; and 3) farmer positive – strengthening agriculture’s role in supporting resilient, productive farming and food producing communities.

Nature Action

Nature is a vital ingredient in ensuring healthy people and a healthy planet. Yet it faces challenges such as mass extinction rates and pressure on land and ocean to feed and house 10 billion people by 2050. Our Nature Action work moves the focus to climate and nature, ensuring efforts to drive action across government, business and civil society, including the development of science-based targets and protocols for nature, business guidance, and collective action for consistent and credible nature-based solutions. We support members and engage and act directly on the fast-moving nature agenda.

Natural Climate Solutions

“Natural Climate Solutions” (NCS) help nature do what it’s been doing for millions of years: sequester and store carbon. New research shows that these solutions could deliver 37% of the emissions reductions needed to limit global warming to 2°C. However, despite their massive potential, they only make up 1% of the climate conversation. We’re changing that by boosting awareness across the business community and helping the private sector invest in nature.

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